Hands of the Future: Collin Tjin

At the age of 4, Collin Tjin began his basketball journey. Today, Collin may be only 9 years old but he is taking social media by storm. With over 33,000 followers his videos and images have been seen hundreds of thousands of times.

Collin runs the point for his team and sometimes will slide over to the #2 position, so it is imperative that he works hard on his ball handling. Even at a young age, he says, “my goal is to be a complete player.” On the court, he has the nickname IQ. That’s because his passion for the game goes far beyond just wanting to play. Collin study’s the game at all levels (HS, college, and NBA), and he tries to incorporate what he learns into his own game.

One of the ways Collin trains is with his POWERHANDZ products. “I love my Powerhandz pop-up defenders as they give me a different way to work on my ball handling, and to attack the basket,” said Tjin. “I am also a huge fan of the Powerhandz dribble sleeve, and gloves as they challenge me and helps me improve my handles”

Here is a quick breakdown of Collin:

DOB: 10/7/2008
Grade: 3rd
Height: 52 inches 
Weight: 55 pounds 
Favorite player: Stephen Curry 
Favorite NBA team: LA Clippers 
Favorite college: Duke 
AAU Team: JW Basketball 11U 

Collin knows the value of being a great teammate. As a point guard, he is focused on setting up his teammates and being a good leader. He’s had the chance to play with the Harlem Globetrotters and work with awesome companies like PowerHandz.

Overall, his goal is to make a difference in the world, one day at a time, and hopefully make it to the NBA and inspire others through the game of basketball!

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