KJ FARFAN: How POWERHANDZ Are Taking His Game to Another Level

KJ Farfan is 12 years old and has loved the game of basketball since before he could even walk. At the age of 3, KJ picked up a basketball and hasn’t put the ball down since. He may have been 3 years old, but was already playing against 5 and 6-year-olds.

The first time people started hearing about KJ was when he was 4. That’s when the first article was published about this young sensation. At that point, KJ was invited to do the halftime show for the University of Miami where he showed off his skills. After that, the Miami Heat and the McDonald’s All-American game asked him to be a part of their halftimes. From there he went on to be featured on Good Morning America and on Live with Regis and Kelly.

Outside of being featured on shows and halftimes, KJ started playing all around in different leagues and camps across the country where he began building the huge network he has now.  KJ has won multiple championships and has been ranked nationally. Through his journey, he became very well known by NBA, college and high school coaches and players.

You can now watch videos, pics, and articles written all over about KJ featuring the likes of Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, D-Wade, Demarcus Cousins and many more.
We can go on-and-on about his stories but you can take a look for yourself on his Instagram page (@kj5ballin), where he has a huge following. KJ may be young, but he’s a trendsetter. As an example, he is known for wearing 2 different shoes for a long time now.

Even Kyrie Irving engaged with him and showed love for his style. Also, for many years KJ is known for doing the bow-n-arrow after every 3-pointer (his way of paying homage to his Native American heritage) many players have been seen doing the same.
He has been using POWERHANDZ since the day he received them. “No other glove compares to the POWERHANDZ training products,” said KJ.  Farfan has a combo guard with excellent ball-handling skills.  As you can see for yourself in his videos. KJ says that the gloves really do work and pays tribute to them for the enhancement of his ball-handling skills.

KJ is the player that wants to continue improving his game. KJ’s mom, MOMS NAME says, “POWERHANDZ makes a difference when he practices with them versus without them and we want others to know that your product does really work.”


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