The TRAIN WITH PURPOSE movement is just beginning. Since our launch, POWERHANDZ have been on the hands of thousands of athletes around the world. On July 2014, we started with two patent pending products solely focused on the basketball market; a weighted anti-grip glove and a slick ball wrap. Since then, we have developed line extensions to expanded our training products into multiple sports; basketball, baseball, football, golf, and soccer. With rapid growth into numerous sports we have received high consumer demand to expand into boxing/MMA, tennis, hockey, track, and more.

PH - Collage


Not only are youth athletes training with POWERHANDZ, but so are some of the top professional athletes from around the world; Paul George, Eric Gordon,Draymond Green, Mo Wiliams, Eric Ebron, Wes Welker, Terrence Williams, Billy Butler, Christian Yelich,  to name a few. Our official brand ambassador athletes include Hall of Fame Inductee Tim Brown, World Cup Champion Hope Solo, The Professor, Brian Dawkins, JJ Wilcox, Donald Sloan, Ronnie Price, Tyler Relph, and DeAndre Hopkins.

In April we launched our OUR TIME campaign with 2X Olympic Champion and 2015 World Cup Champion, Hope Solo. We know women can achieve the impossible, they have a heart that never stops beating and most of all they persevere beyond their circumstances. With athletes such as Hope behind us, we know we will continue to empower women to break their own glass ceilings.

As we enter into year 2 we are going to put a big focus on baseball and to make that happen we are pleased to announce our new baseball ambassador, 3-time World Series Champion, David Ortiz.

PH - Ortiz

Thank you for making year 1 great. We are proud to have thousands of athletes using our product. We have a huge outlook on year 2 with more ambassadors, more sports and even more athletes like yourself. Let’s become great together… with passion, with hard work and consistency,

Celebrate with POWERHANDZ

Our mission is to help take your game to the next level. We want you to join in on the celebration. Post a 15 second video of you showing and/or telling us how you TRAIN WITH POWERHANDZ.

Everyday for the remainder of July we will be featuring videos on our handles and giving people shoutouts. It could be YOU. Be sure to tag POWERHANDZ and share the power with #TrainWithPowerhandz.

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