The Power to Fight


Many people dream, but not everyone fights to pursue theirs. Michelle Zada Hall is one of those fighters. Born in Columbus, Ohio and raised in a single parent home, Michelle learned at a young age that if she wanted to achieve her dreams it would take hard work and perseverance. Her mom was a physical education teacher and coached soccer, so as a child she began to fall in love with sports.  She ran track and at the age of seven and started dancing. While growing up she began to become more and more passionate about dance, but she never lost sight on the importance of her education. In high school, Michelle started focusing predominately on ballet and performed some jazz and modern pieces.

After graduating high school, Michelle went off to college at THE Ohio State University where she studied Dance Education. Michelle was the only person that wanted to be a performer, but studied Dance Education. She just loved performing and she wanted to be a modern dancer. However, growing up with a mom who was an educator, Michelle knew she had to achieve acedemic success. Once she graduated from Ohio State with a BFA in Dance Education and a minor in Physical Education, she ended up auditioning and was chosen to join the PHILADANCO Modern Dance Company in Philly.

Michelle was finally living out her dream that she fought so hard for. Instructors would tell her that she was too big or didn’t have the body of a professional dancer, but that didn’t phase Michelle. She continued to pursue her dream. After PHILADANCO, Michelle began dancing with companies around the country and traveled all around performing. She danced with companies in LA, Denver, Washington, NYC and she finally made her way to Dallas, Texas to the Dallas Black Dance Theater. In 2010, Michelle tore her ACL. This would usually keep someone down for 10 months or more. Michelle was back on the stage in 6 months.

A few years later, Michelle retired from professional dancing and became a dance teacher at Samuel High School in Dallas. After teaching there, Michelle had the opportunity to become an instructor at the renowned Booker T. Washington High School. For those that do not know, Booker T. Washington HS is one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in the country. Michelle teaches her students with the same passion that she danced with. She would always see guys doing certain routines and dances. Michelle would say, “I’m a girl, but I can jump as high as them. I can do what they are doing.”

In May of 2015, while going through her daily routine Michelle felt something unusual. After visiting with her OBGYN, he diagnosed the lump as normal but encouraged her to get a mammogram. Something pushed her to schedule a mammogram immediately and this time, the doctors diagnosed Michelle with stage IV breast cancer.

Michelle knows the road isn’t easy, but if there is one person that is going to fight breast cancer and beat it… it’s Michelle Zada Hall. She has handled this journey with grace, an inspirational spirit and undeniable faith. She is a true athlete who explains, “this disease will not define me.” Michelle has immediately started chemotherapy treatments and has accumulated overwhelming medical cost. 


Starting today, throughout the month of October, POWERHANDZ will donate a portion of all proceeds from the sale of its products, #POWERTOFIGHT and #TeamZada shirts, and #POWERTOFIGHT wristbands to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation and help also offset Michelle’s medical expenses.

POWERHANDZ is also proud to announce a partnership with NBCF,  a Texas based 501c3 whose mission is to provide help and support to women affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services. Jangle Hail, NBCF Co-Founder & CEO says, “We are excited to partner with POWERHANDZ in their pink training gloves campaign during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The funds they raise will allow us to our extend our life-saving programs and make an even greater impact on local communities across America.”

Breast cancer awareness has always been important to POWERHANDZ Co-founder and COO Danyel Surrency Jones, and became personal to her recently when her friend Michelle Zada Hall was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer.

Michelle is grateful what Surrency Jones and her husband (co-founder and CEO of POWERHANDZ) Darnell Jones are doing to create awareness and raise funding to help her battle the disease. “I am blessed to know such compassionate and giving individuals,” said Zada Hall in regards to the POWERHANDZ involvement in her fight. “I was filled with joy and so thankful that they felt so moved to act on my behalf.”

While most people are aware of breast cancer, many fail to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages”, said Surrency Jones. “If we can help to reinforce the message with our POWER TO FIGHT campaign, and raise some money for the NBCF programs and for Michelle’s medical expenses all at the same time, it’s the ultimate win-win-win.”

Join POWERHANDZ this month in this fight and show us that you have the #POWERTOFIGHT. Please visit and pledge your support by purchasing our campaign promotional packages. In addition, please visit to download NBCF’s new app to help you locate your nearest mammography facility. 

  1. Wowww, what a beautiful, wonderfully artistic and inspiring production POWERHANZ… of showcasing Michelle’s cancer journey for your breast cancer campaign!
    The interview and write-up were EXCELLENT! The pictures were BEAUTIFUL! The dance attire with cape and “gloves” were BREATHTAKING! The video was SUPERB and most HEARTFELT! And… the music, FITTING and TRUE! Kudos to the make-up artist, the photographer and the “gloves”! I loooved it all!

    Thank You, thank you, thank you POWERHANZ, you did a PHENOMENAL job for all to see and to be encouraged!
    ~Nancy Hall (mother)

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