We Have the Power To Fight

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month across the nation — a month-long campaign that is dedicated to raise awareness about the disease. According to the National Cancer Institute, 14 percent of all cancer cases in 2015 were breast cancer, with 231,840 cases in the year. The goal of the campaign seems to have had an impact, emphasizing that women have to take proper steps to prevent breast cancer and properly treat it. Since 1990, the mortality rate of breast cancer has gone down by 34 percent.

As awareness continues to rise, the word about the cause spreads to larger stages. In recent years, many sports teams and organizations have embraced the movement, promoting breast cancer awareness games, uniforms, and merchandise in order to raise money for breast cancer research, from high school to professional leagues. For at least a game or a portion of a season, competing teams are united in a great cause.

For the past three years, we [POWERHADNZ] have raised awareness and funds for Breast Cancer research and medical bills for individuals fighting through it.

This year we are releasing 40 Limited Edition Weighted Power to Fight Gloves and a portion of all proceeds will be going straight to help those in need.



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