Engage Project Phenom: Frank Mason III

You may know Frank Mason III’s story… he was the “unwanted recruit” that became the leading man at NCAA powerhouse, Kansas. Now, Frank has become the 2nd round pick for the Sacramento Kings in the 2017 NBA Draft and he’s ready to take on the big time.

Around the court, Mason is known as “The Phenom.” That name wasn’t just given to him, it was earned. Where did it come from? He spoke about it in his letter featured on The Player’s Tribune,

“I always knew how to play ball. I was the best player on the playground wherever I was playing, including the blacktop in the middle of the Pin Oaks houses in Petersburg, Virginia. That’s where I grew up with seven siblings and my mom. I was a natural, so some guys who watched me on the playground outside our house started calling me The Phenom. I’m not talking about AAU coaches or scouts. I’m talking gangsters, drug dealers and some of the seedier dudes who hung around Pin Oaks.”


The road to the NBA wasn’t a smooth one for Mason but that never stopped him from pursuing what he wanted; he has the grit, the determination and most of all he has the will to be the best player on the court every time he steps on to it.

Mason knows he has a big nickname to live up to and he doesn’t take it for granted. The grind has never stopped for Mason and he continues to find ways to enhance his game. He knows that POWERHANDZ will play an integral part in taking his game to the next level and they will do the same for you.


“I’ve always had respect for POWERHANDZ because of what the company stands for and their goals on improving athletes’ skills. My workouts have always been intense, but their products make my workouts more challenging and have really helped improve my technique. I’m excited about our mission.”

Danyel Surrency Jones, Co-Founder and CEO of POWERHANDZ has the same thoughts about adding Mason to the POWERHANDZ fam…

“Frank’s journey as an athlete is the perfect illustration of our brand DNA. Frank’s humble beginnings and tireless work ethic can inspire every youth athlete to push forward and beat the odds. We are proud to have him represent our team.”

Frank Mason III is on a mission to be one of the best in the league and he knows it starts with the way he trains and that starts with POWERHANDZ.



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